Seller Info


Inventory Process

To update or add new inventory, please do the following.

UPDATE Old inventory

  1. Send email to with the SKU number, item name, and quantity you want to add or remove.
  2. Indicate when you wish to bring or remove items.
  3. When you arrive at shop, please retrieve price tags from your folder. Folder will be at front desk.
  4. Please allow one week for processing.


  1. Download inventory spreadsheet (or use the Google doc version)
  2. Complete the inventory form with the new items.
  3. Email form to
  4. Put “NEW INVENTORY” in subject line
  5. Indicate time you wish to come in (allow 48 hours from your request)
  6. Please await a confirmation before scheduling your visit
  7. Please allow one week for processing.

Blank Inventory Form

Task Force Information Board

As a way to capture information about what each task force is doing, thinking, accomplishing, we will be using a very simple tool called Trello. This board will be filled out over this week. Each task force leader will have access to the board. It will be up to them if the task force members feel comfortable using it or just used as a summary of progress/plan. Anyone can have access to view. One needs an account to edit/use.

Trello Popup Task Force Board

Spread The Word

Please spread the word in any way that you can—through Facebook, your website, or other social media.  We will provide flyers for your distribution.  We hope you will provide information about the shop to any personal contacts that might be helpful to spread the word in newspapers or other means.

Social Media

Please like, share, and post to our social media accounts a youfeel comfortable. They are MaldenPopsUp Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. We will also be using hashtags #localisglobal. More hashtags will be coming. If you have ideas for hashtag, let us know.

Art Stories

We are interested in using stories about your art to connect people to your work. If you have stories about the artwork you will be selling, feel free to email these to us at or share them with the MaldenPopsUp Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, or Instagram accounts.

Learn More

The Gallery Participant Info

This area exists to provide you with needed information about various aspects of participation. If you have further questions or suggestions, you are always welcome to email or comment below after one of the posts under “seller info posts”.

Guiding Principles

As we sell, show, perform, volunteer, work together we remember and follow the following:

  • Art is about humanity. We are humans first.
  • We work together on something bigger that is emerging. Therefore, as we navigate strong opinions and judgments, we work hard to put them aside to be open to what each individual has to say.
  • This community is bound not just by the creative spirit but compassion, care, and commitment to excellence. Sometimes these come up against each other – and the tension of these forces will make our community powerful in a profound kind of way.
  • What has been done in the past is not necessarily what we will do in the future. 🙂
  • What the “establishment” does in the art world is not necessarily what we will do – though we will always be informed by past excellence and best practices.
  • Honesty with kindness is the best policy!!

Shop and Shifts Calendar

Volunteers can stay abreast of the volunteer schedule (with events included in pale blue- in the shop and various volunteer meetings and other activities. The shop shifts generally include one checkout person and one sales person. If there is no name indicated, then the shift is open. To add your name to a shop shift, please email and cc with the shifts you would like to be signed up for. If you can have a regular slot, that is ideal. If your schedule changes, offer the specific dates for each shift, including  from _[time]_ to _[time]___. Your name will be added to the shift with your email “as guest” so you will receive reminders.

If you cannot make a shift, please try to allow for at least 24 hour notice if you can. Email with”Shift replacement for [date/time] needed” in subject line. This will send word out to the entire community for a possible replacement. This is an interim process, to be improved upon over the next month.

Cycle of Payment

Going forward you will receive payment and reports for each calendar month’s sales by the second Tuesday of the following month.  We will email notice when the check is in your folder. If you cannot pick up your check, please indicate where to mail it.

Shop hours

  • Tuesdays-Wednesdays 12 to 6pm
  • Thursdays 11am to 8pm.
  • Fri-Sun 12noon to 6pm. Shop may be open as well during performances.

Forms and Documents

Volunteer INFO

There are many ways to help/volunteer. We are compiling many task forces, including:

  • In Shop Sales/Check Out
  • Marketing – social media
  • Gallery Management/Curation
  • Shop Jury
  • Set Up and Design (Jan) – Adjust shop and gallery design to new configuration
  • Facility (Jan) – find furniture, props and display items for gallery/shop
  • Admin – process inventory changes weekly (may be a contracted job)
  • Fundraising – crowdfunding team
  • Technology Management
  • Volunteer Coordination

If you have not completed a volunteer survey, please do so. Complete and you will be emailed information about your interests. A board providing info about each task force is listed below.