Ose Manheim

Ose Manheim, a local Malden photographer, is currently featured in the exhibit, Flora and Fauna: Summer In The City, at the Gallery In Malden. Her work has been described as “beautiful in its illustration of the splendor and architecture of the natural world, and evocative in its magnification of natural complexity in a single shot.”

While her work fits within the broad genre of nature photography, and is stunning in its detail, she is not just concerned with providing a viewer with an aesthetic experience. Instead, she is very interested in encouraging the viewer to develop a sense of gratitude for the natural world, and for the complex processes in nature that sustain our lives. She asserts that a photograph has the power to induce a visceral experience of sorts –being in the environment where the picture was taken, of slowing down, of observing, of truly seeing the beauty and the details, of paying attention to moments in time. Her passion for this way of seeing, and for what she describes as both “the elegance and modesty” in nature has taken her on a path of exploring the field of Biomimicry, and this seems like a very logical continuation in her journey.

She describes a sort of acuity for beauty in unexpected places, and in the people she meets. It is clear that she desires to inspire people to develop a sensibility of stewardship toward the natural world around them as they take time to pause and to see what she sees in her viewfinder.  She points out that in our frenetic, modern lives, we rarely pause to quiet ourselves, to listen, and to observe and to learn from the natural world.

Ose utilizes a Sony 35mm mirrorless digital camera currently and develops and frames her own pictures.

To see her photographs, several are currently on display at The Gallery in Malden.  There will be an event with the artists in the current exhibit on
July 12 at 7pm.

By:  Melanie Messer