Gabriela Martina Receives Standing Ovation May 31, 2019

Photo: Eric Cunningham
On May 31, Gabriela Martina and her 7-piece band performed at what we unofficially are calling the Markey Performance Center in Malden. Martina shared her very personal album “Homage to Grämlis” to over 90 people. Her musical reflections of growing up on a beautiful dairy farm in Switzerland conveyed her feelings about farming, nature, siblings, family, community and more in the languages of jazz, funk, R&B, soul, and of course Swiss. Singing in English, Swiss German, and a bit of yodeling, Martina wowed the crowd. They rewarded her performance with a standing ovation.

Photo, Tay Threadgill

Martina’s versatile and beautiful voice blended especially nicely with the voice of Burcu Güleç, the accordion, alphorn, and the entire band really! And though the crowd represented an array of backgrounds, it seemed that Martina’s music connected across cultures.
Band members: Sonny Barbato, piano; Ben Rosenblum, accordion; Gabriela Martina, voice; Jharis Yokely, drums;  Burcu Güleç, voice; Kyle Miles, bass; and Jussi Reijonen, guitar; Gus Sebring, alphorn.
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