Minghuang Zhang

Minghuang Zhang


Zhang hails from China and immigrated to the United States in 2011. The work in this exhibit features his oil portraits which are painted in a western style but display subjects and details that are distinctly Eastern.
Zhang frequents Harvard Square where he finds plenty of people to pose for his sketches, which typically take about 15 minutes to complete yet are captivating in their level of fine detail and likeness to the original face.
“I have liked drawing since I was a preschool child. Every day, I drew on the road with small stones because my parents did not have enough money to buy drawing equipment for me.”

In 2010, Zhang drew a giant mural (300 square meters) for the Sri Lankan pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. “Drawing is the most important part of my life,” says the artist.

Zhang’s English is limited but his ability to communicate through artwork and enthusiasm is strong.
In addition to selling his artwork in the shop, Zhang is also offers portrait sketches or oil paintings. Please inquire at the shop or visit galleryinc.com/portraits.

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