Lidija Vukovic
My past studies of oceanography, geography, and history, have intrigued me about the wonders of human existence and made me reflect on my own. I started exploring how to connect the physical world, the world of matter, to memories and fugacity. The cycle of our planet, going billions of years back shows how everything is constantly moving; leaving nothing except the nature that absorbs and constantly rejuvenates life on our planet. Then I found something that made me examine even more into the oblivion- Bog bodies, the ancient human remains that have been long preserved and discovered in Bog’s wetlands in Northern Europe.
By using thick paste of brushstrokes I aim to create a new dimension on canvas where I can explore visual but also a tangible texture. The idea of Bog bodies has opened avenues through which I can personify and make emotions tangible by giving them a face. In this way the nature and everything in its existence appears to me by showing me not the short life spans of living beings but the dynamic movement and life of every shape and form.

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