Kamil A.

Kamil was born in City of Urumqi, Xinjiang China. He graduated from oil painting major of art department in Xinjiang Art institute in 1999. He was a professional Artist of Xinjiang Art Academy, and member of Xinjiang Artists Association.
• 2001 Solo Art exhibit, Urumqi
• 2005 “The twelve men’s exhibition” with his works “The eagle dance”
• 2008 Xinjiang International Folk Dance Festival Exhibition “The eagle dance”
• 2008 Solo Art Exhibit, art exhibition in YiYang Café
• 2010 “Live” painting selected by “The north western oil painting exhibition” organized by China artist society and the oil painting art committee
• 2010 Invited by The Cultural Department of German to attend Morgenland Festival in Osnabruck to hold the oil painting exhibition
• 2010 Solo Art Exhibit, oil painting scenery exhibition with 62 works on display
• 2013-2014 Participated in charity events and auction for children, donating several paintings
• 2014, he was invited by the Art Malaysia Association to attend Langkawi Art Biennale
• 2016 Group Art Exhibit, 10 pieces at “Malden Pops Up” Malden Massachusetts, USA.
• 2017 Jan18-Mar 10 Emerging artists show, organized by three stones gallery in West Concord, MA.
• 2017 Violence Transformed exhibition, Jan 17-Mar 10in, South End, Boston
• 2017 Venice Art Biennale, Venice, Italy

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