Erica Leigh to perform at The Gallery April 28

by Nick Forgione

Erica Leigh’s songs, career and life reflect the universal themes of resilience in the face of the challenges and adversity that characterize life. Shortly after the release of her CD, Leigh was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, a ruinous prospect for a singer. Following a combination of surgery and radiation treatments, Leigh had to rebuild herself and her career.

“Calling All Survivors” is Leigh’s anthem to survival and perseverance in the face of cancer and other challenges. Leigh’s story compliments her impressive vocal and and lyrical skills.

Malden residents are invited to attend her concert at the Gallery on April 28. Doors open at 6:45.

Erica Leigh’s April 28 performance is free and open to the public. However, space is limited, and attendees are advised reserve a space through Eventbrite. This ticket will be entered into a raffle for a Mother’s Day gift basket from The Gallery. Please arrive before 7:00pm.

480 Main Street
Malden, MA