Classes at The Gallery

We are excited to introduce our first string of classes in The Gallery.


Six Mondays
March 26, 2018 to
April 30, 2018

Group music class for adults (minimum age 16+).

Min: 4 | Max: 10
Instructor: David Simmons
Cost: $60 (6 sessions)

Beginner ukulele

Six Mondays
March 26, 2018 to
April 30, 2018

Group music class for adults (minimum age 16+).

Min: 4  |  Max: 10
Instructor: David Simmons
Cost: $60 (6 sessions)

Write like crazy

Six Mondays
April 2, 2018 to
May 7, 2018

Six workshop sessions using a writing technique that easily overcomes the challenges of getting going and writers’ block. Using prompts and guidelines, participants will produce drafts of poems, short stories, and essays.

This demanding and exciting method allows writers to access the fresh language flowing beneath the surface of the conscious mind and to disengage the inner critic. Participants may share their writings if they choose. Only positive comments are welcomed during this part of the process.

For participants who are interested in revising their work, I will offer private appointments.

Min: 4  |  Max: 12
Instructor: CD Collins
Cost: $96 (6 sessions)

The Thinking Tank:
dialogues about life

Second Tuesday of month
April 10, 2018 to
June 12, 2018

Three 90 minute sessions on the 2nd Tuesday eve we will examine an existential question the whole group agreed to discuss during the previous session (except the 1st question brought by the instructor -  Is there a destiny?)

The first 45 minutes will provide a general outline of what thinkers have said about this question, then the next 45 minutes will give everyone a chance to express his or her thoughts and engage in a rational dialogue with others.

The emphasis for each participant we'll be on finding convincing arguments explaining why they think what they think, and for the others to made a critical analysis of these arguments before presenting their own ideas.

The goal will be to get a better understanding of the world we live in, and how ideas are logically connected

If you are not always sure why you think what you think, and what it really implies, if you want to practice your public speaking skills, this course is for you.

Min: 8  |  Max: 14
Instructor: Dominique Lecomte
Cost: $51 (3 sessions)

Pen, Ink and

Wednesday, March 28 & April 4, 2018

A two-session workshop where students will create pen, ink and watercolor piece, either still life or landscape/seascape of their choice. Class will cover the basics of drawing with pen and ink, stippling,hatching and crosshatching. Watercolor basics will then be covered. Students will first create a pencil sketch, add the pen and ink techniques using pencils and then add watercolor using watercolor pencils.If time allows students could create a second piece.

Min: 4  |  Max: 10-12
Instructor: Debbie Corleto
Cost: $35 (2 sessions)

Beginning Tribal Belly Dance

Six Saturdays
March 31, 2018 to
May 5, 2018

Learn the basics of tribal style belly dance. Tribal style belly dance is a unique style of belly dance incorporating dance forms from throughout the world while building community through the celebration of dance. Tune in to your body, build community, and most importantly, have fun!

Min: 5  |  Max: 18
Instructor: Katie Koval
Cost: $60 (6 sessions)

Class Terms


  • We will refund your registration fee if you decide to cancel up to five days before the class begins. Email to request a refund.
  • We will refund your registration fee if the class cannot be held due to low class enrollment.

Class cancellations: Classes must have minimum enrollment to be held. In the case of sickness or other difficulty preventing any of the classes to be held, make up class or suitable credit will be issued to registrants.

Children: We love children, but please do not bring children to the classes except with expressed permission from the instructor.