C. A Stigliano

Presenting the Works of C.A. Stigliano

A small sampling of works to be exhibited March 31 – April 28, 2018



I make a lot of stuff for a lot of different reasons, and I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out if what I was making was “Art” or not because I realized, somewhere along the way, that I just liked making stuff, and I particularly liked carving wood, and that, while sometimes when I made things it was because I had something to say, and sometimes I was just trying to see something that I had imagined, very often when I started carving a block of wood I did not know, or was unprepared for, what I was going to end up with, the most extreme example of this being the woman with a cat on her head which started out to be a bear (I like to think that the bear is still a part of her), and that these pieces which took shape without my awareness were often the ones that interested me the most, appearing as they did out of nowhere, forcing me to try to understand what they might mean, if anything, and giving me no answer to the inevitable question, usually from family members: “how do you think of these things?

Chuck Stigliano was born in 1955, the fifth of eight children. He was educated at public schools in North East, Maryland, where he learned a great many facts, most of which have been forgotten. He attended the Philadelphia College of Art, where he learned that art is hard work and requires discipline and commitment. In 1982 he married Stephanie Mahan of Lincoln, Massachusetts who taught him that sincerity in art, as in life, was rare and valuable and something to strive for. That year he became a graduate student at the University of North Carolina, where he learned that Art History was like a parent, to be treated with respect and eventually to be rebelled against. A daughter, Angela, was born in 1991, and from her he came to understand that his education was just beginning and that she was going to teach him a lot. His son, Raphael, came along in 1996. From him he learned that some things in life are like a second chance, and that there was still much to learn.

The works of C.A. Stigliano will be presented in conjunction with an exhibit of the works of S.M. Stigliano at The Gallery, 480 Main Street, Malden, MA on view March 31 – April 28, 2018.

Organized by Lisa Sears, Exhibits Coordinator, The Gallery.