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Artist of The Month

Sophie Glikson Cahen

Sophie Glikson began painting in 1982 when she moved from Paris to Boston. It was a time of self-discovery and searching through blockages to find creative pathways to what she calls “the essential spark.” Using her paintings as a path to access and share inner landscapes, Sophie’s artwork is semi-abstract and evocative, and the process is dynamic, organic and transformative. Spontaneity and spirituality are both core elements of her approach, and she works in a variety of mediums including gouache, pastels and mixed media.

To invite participation from her viewers, Sophie has recently created art installations. She has exhibited in New England, France and Puerto Rico. Her research interests include awakening consciousness and transformation through creativity.

“The ability to create is an inherent gift from the Universe. It sparks in us right from the beginning of our existence. Obstacles can block our access to that creative spark, but it’s there in us, in all of us, ready to unfold.”

Artist of The Month

Michelle Trammel


Michelle Trammel has been working with glass since 2001. She has a passion for the material and the process and shares her love for the art through glassblowing demonstrations, teaching and collaboration. She is a Malden resident and glassblowing instructor in the MIT Glass Lab. Michelle studied glassblowing at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, UrbanGlass and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. She holds degrees in both Computer Science and Literature from MIT.

Recently Michelle has been exploring casting and cold working as a complement to her glassblowing. When not blowing glass, she can often be found hula hooping with the Boston Hoop Troop.


Artist of The Month

Minghuang Zhang


Minghuang Zhang hails from China and immigrated to the United States in 2011. His oil portraits are painted in a Western style but display subjects and details that are distinctly Eastern. He frequents Harvard Square where he finds plenty of people to pose for his sketches, which typically take about 15 minutes to complete, yet are captivating in their level of fine detail and likeness to the original subject.

In 2010, he drew a giant mural (300 square meters) for the Sri Lankan pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. Minghuang’s English is limited but his ability to communicate through artwork and enthusiasm is strong: “I have liked drawing since I was a preschool child. Every day I drew on the road with small stones because my parents did not have enough money to buy drawing equipment for me. Drawing is the most important part of my life.”

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