Seller Application for The Gallery

The Gallery is no longer taking applications for works to be sold in the gift shop during the fall/winter holiday sale season through December 24, 2018. Deadline for all applications has passed.

We are looking for smaller items that can be sold during the holiday season. Some examples (though not an exhaustive list) might be knitted items, products for children like handmade puzzles, wood art, holiday-related products including music cds, and small affordable art. These works should be handmade, preferably by seller. Work is evaluated on the basis of originality of design, craftsmanship, marketability, and appropriateness for The Gallery. Work conflicting with an existing consignor’s work will not be accepted.

The Gallery sells on a consignment model. Consignors receive 60% of revenue. Volunteer consignors who offer 12 hours per month in service to The Gallery receive 80% of revenue.

If you have questions about this process or form, please email