To Malden City Council:

I’d like to encourage Malden City Council to lend support to the lovely new art, artisans and cross-cultural gallery, named The Gallery, at 480 Main Street.  Malden is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country and, as a shopper, it’s wonderful to enjoy artistic works reflecting that diversity inside the doors of this new space.  For local artists, it’s a valuable opportunity to display their work and gain visibility in the heart in of Malden.  For the community at large, I feel it builds on the existing atmosphere of cross-cultural cohesion promoted by community resources such as the MATV, the Malden Senior Center, The Immigrant Learning Center and others.  The Gallery is not only an art gallery but a venue for small concerts and other community enrichment events as well.  I was delighted to see it pop up in the center of town and hope to see it remain there for a long time.

Kathleen Klose, Immigrant Learning Instructor, & Resident of Newburyport

The Gallery at 480 Main Street has been a vibrant, dynamic addition to our community. Never before has Malden had a place for creative people of all types and all backgrounds to meet and connect around the arts. On a very ordinary Saturday afternoon in late winter, I stopped in. There were several people shopping in the retail space, some folks checking out the exhibit in the gallery space, people talking and connecting, and a live demonstration of caning (a chair) was being held — someone was learning how to cane. It was amazing!  There is so much going on out of that relatively small space — buying and selling, exhibiting, performing, displaying, teaching, laughter, connection — it is all happening there, in a very visible spot on Main Street, with attractive lights and displays in the window. And the people that come into The Gallery are of every age and background, representing both “old” Malden and “new” Malden. This is a very valuable and vital resource to have in our community.

Anne D’Urso-Rose, Associate Director, MATV , & Malden Resident, 90 Bowers Ave.

When some town would like to enhance their image by bringing art and culture in their midst but struggle to get something started,  Malden has now the chance to have The Gallery and a group of dedicated volunteers that do exactly that. It would be a mistake to let this chance goes by.

Dominique Lecomte, Artist, Writer, & Resident of Medford