About Us

What is The Gallery

The Gallery is a creative space, community, and incubator of art, media, commerce, and community. It accommodates a gallery shop, an art gallery, performances, art and media classes, media services, and various business services. The Gallery is a cultural hub and a catalyst for social, business, arts, and cultural innovation.

It is currently run by a team of volunteers sponsored by Malden Creates, LLC, a local business initiating opportunities for local creators to show, sell, perform, and engage with the community.

The Gallery is fueled by the what if questions that inspire innovation, development, and possibilities actualized.

The Team

  • Ose Schwab, Director
  • Lori Manfra, Inventory Management
  • Marcel Schwab, CFO
  • Grace Julian-Murthy, Creative and Graphics Design Director
  • Margaret Kruse – Training and Operations Consultant
  • Melanie Messer – Volunteer Experience Facilitator
  • Janis Doucette – Shop Team and Design Lead
  • Nick Forgione – Strategy
  • Lisa Sears – Editing
  • Martha Giberson – Advisor
  • Ginny Remedi-Brown – Carpentry
  • Rahma Masoud – Event Food Designer
  • Sandy Felder – Seller Liaison



  • DSF Advisors LLC
  • Malden Creates LLC

The Story

The 2017 Popup

The 2016 Popup