The Gallery is currently a grassroots, volunteer-led creative collective that brings art and performances to various spaces in Malden. The Gallery operates from a belief that the arts and expressions of culture along with generosity create community. It is the spirit of generosity that can expand thinking and help the creative process to make something out of nothing or work with the resources given. This generosity also sparks positivity in people, expanding volunteerism and increasing the inclination to contribute from the heart.

The Gallery emerged out of a second-year local artist holiday marketplace popup – known as Malden Pops Up – resident at 480 Main Street. Thanks to a generous offer from property owners DSF Advisors, LLC to extend the lease one year, the popup became a temporary gift shop, performance space, and art gallery offering over 50 events to the community and generating revenue for the visual and performance artists involved.

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Though the lease to the 480 Main space ended December 2018, The Gallery continues to pursue its mission to build community and offer artists and cultural entrepreneurs opportunities to sell their products. It hosts a performance series that also includes an open mic night; it infuses art in various spaces and events; and most recently it has given birth to a grassroots artist-led shop selling handcrafted products made by local artists.

Revenue generated by the events or product sales goes to expenses and to the artists.

Malden Creates, LLC supports this collective as a fiscal agent.


Grace Julian Murthy, Design and Marketing Director

Nomadik, TrueVibes Open Mic Events Host/DJ

Ose Schwab, Director

Robin Inman, Editor

Lisa L. Sears, Artist Consultant

Marcel Schwab, Finance