About Us

The Gallery is a creative space, community, and incubator of art, media, commerce, and community. It accommodates an art shop, a gallery, performances, art and media classes, media services, and various business services.

It's essence is characterized by the what if questions that inspire innovation, development, and possibilities actualized. We continue the what if questions. A few of those are:

A creative community could form in such a way as to provide support, friendship, and collaborative energy for a creative art and community space?

Artists and performers in and around Malden could earn revenue as they create locally?

What if we could encourage more art in Malden?

What if Malden became a destination city - known for abundant, music, theater, art, culturally rich experiences, profitable commerce, cutting edge media services and presence?

What if, Malden had several permanent arts centers teaming with creative activity?

What if the arts helped revitalize Malden so it became profitable and hip and equitable?


  • Ose Schwab, Director
  • Lori Manfra, Shop manager
  • Melinda Harmincz, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development
  • Marcel Schwab, CFO

Gallery Committee:

  • Lisa Sears
  • Janis Doucette
  • Peg Kane
  • Michelle Trammel