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Kathleen Connors


Expressing myself through art has been a lifelong passion. As an art minor in college, I was introduced to the many and varied art mediums and have dabbled in most of them throughout my adult life, all while performing my duties as a full-time teacher and wife raising a wonderful family. Now that my family has grown and I have retired from teaching, I am able to actively pursue my art interests.

Over the years I have found that I have a special love for the fabric arts and watercolor, and find myself especially drawn to the beauty, uniqueness and challenges each of these mediums present. Striving to meet these challenges has personally been never-ending and extremely gratifying.

In the fabric arts, quilting has taken center stage for me. There are many layers to the successful completion of a quilted piece, starting with the selection of the fabric for color and value, piecing it together accurately, quilting it by hand or machine, and then finally putting on the binding and finishing touches and presenting the final product.

Watercolor painting has always fascinated me with its subtle and transparent beauty. It has been the most difficult art form for me to attempt to master, yet I am continually drawn to its challenges. Completing a pleasing piece in this medium is personally very exciting and rewarding.

For me art is a never ending journey. I find myself constantly searching for, experimenting with, and discovering ways to capture and display the beauty of my surroundings for myself and for others who view my art.

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