Blog Post Image: Land and Nature Scapes

Anne Kimball


I started sewing as a child and discovered quilting in college. I was given a sewing machine and off I went. My early quilts were traditional blocks. I enjoy the challenge of getting points to match and precise seams. As I conquered the basics I became more interested in making color and value work for me as opposed to something that just happened. I still work with traditional quilting blocks but increasingly they will be found in non-traditional settings. My ideas are usually drawn from nature and often the stranger the animal the better.

The quilts I have entered are some of the few that have no traditional blocks in them.
Triangular River was an exercise in using only geometric shapes to portray the natural world.
Early Morning is the view I see each morning as I brush my teeth. I was trying to capture the starkness of the branches against early sunrise.
Noonmark Mountain is a view in the Adirondacks that I have always liked.

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