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Betsy Abbott

Betsy Abbott


A quilt artist since 1999, my quilts have appeared regularly and won awards in regional and national quilt shows, including: American Quilter’s Society Show, PA; Houston International Quilt Festival, TX; Lowell Quilt Festival, MA; Machine Quilters Exposition East, RI; Maine Quilt Show, ME; Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, VA; Nashville Quilt Expo, TN; Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, PA; A Quilters’ Gathering, NH; Road to California, CA; Vermont Quilt Show, VT.

Common Teasel
“I love to portray extraordinary qualities in commonplace things we often overlook, in this case a roadside weed known as teasel. What if we truly took the time to notice its fantastic curved bracts, its contrasting sharp spikes, and its wide band of minute purple flowers which make it such a marvel in its own right? What if we really learned to see the wonderful in the ordinary all around us, to find beauty in the simplest of things? How much more interesting the world suddenly becomes! How much more, then, might we care for each unique part of the whole?”

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